First steps after registration

Pair your Attendance clock or My attendance

If you want to enter attendance via the application Attendance Clock or My attendance, download it to your device from Google Play or Apple store and then pair each device to your account.

Create accounts for users

Create an account for all persons in your company in the Human Resources agenda including all relevant attendance settings. We recommend you to follow this video manual

If you have a higher amount of people in the company, they can be imported into the system in bulk. You can read more about import, export and data integration here.

Start clocking attendance

You can start clocking in attendance via tablets, mobile phones or web application. It is possible to start even in the middle of the month. We can then fine-tune individual settings on your actual attendance, such as arrivals rounding or overtimes calculation.

Set permissions for individual users

Individual users may have different permissions granted within the system. E.g.  head of the department can view, edit attendance and approve requests only to people from his department. Head of drivers can view attendance and business trips of all users with the “driver” tag, regardless of which department they are from.

We will be happy to help you with initial permission settings. All you need to do is to give us information about who is the head of which department/team and whether they should have the right to edit their team’s attendance or just approve requests. Of course, you can set the permissions yourself. Please find more information here.

Create shifts, create shift plan

Check whether the default shift settings suit you or create your own shifts if you want to plan shifts in the application. It comes in handy to create shift plans for individuals with the usage of shift planners.

What you will already find in the system

Fictitious users

Several  fictitious employee accounts are created in the system immediately after registration which can be viewed in the Human Resources agenda. We recommend you to keep these users in the system for the entire duration of the trial period as they will help you to get used to the system faster. In the future, you will create accounts for individual users in your company in this agenda.

We generated  attendance data for the current and last month for fictitious users when creating an account. Attendance can be viewed in the Attendance agenda. You can view the detailed attendance of the selected person in the specified period of time.

Attendance activities

Furthermore, typical  Attendance activities (Work, Pause, Doctor,...) are already prepared in the User Menu (your name in the top right corner) - Attendance activities. These activities can be customized according to your wishes. They can be added, changed, the rounding of arrivals or the method of overtime calculation can be set and a lot more with which we will be happy to assist you during and after the trial period.

Fictitious projects

Moreover, we have added fictitious  Projects and work data on these projects which are available in the Worksheet for person agenda (reflecting which projects the selected person worked on) and Worksheet for project agenda (reflecting how many hours all people spent on the selected project).


The system will also offer you an option to view video manuals that will teach you basic work with the system and attendance. This will pop-up automatically in the lower right corner.