In order for GIRITON to correctly calculate the amount of overtime, bonuses, etc…, it is necessary to have a shift set for each employee in the required length of working hours.

Attendance shifts are available in the User Menu (your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance shifts. Sample shifts (Morning, Afternoon, Night) are automatically created in the system including all necessary parameters and are thus ready for use, after registration. You can add shifts however you want or change the setting of existing ones. The number of shifts is not limited.

How to create a new shift:
1. In the User Menu Attendance - Shifts - click the Add button at the top.
2. Enter its name, time from-to and other preferences in the newly offered shift. Each shift must have its own shortcut.
3. Save the changes.

Most often you will use individual shifts in the Shift plan agenda in which you create a plan for individual people for the following months.

If the shift schedule is repeated for some people or is always predetermined, we recommend you to create your own Shift Planner for that particular person.