Shift Plan

Video manual   ▶ How the Shift Plan works?

You can prepare a shift schedule for individual days of the month for individual users in the Shift Plan agenda. Shifts are assigned to individual users on specific days. If the current users have permission to change the shift plan, they can change the values in the fields and then save the changes. Write its shortcut in the appropriate field to assign a shift to a user on a given day. Shortcuts can be found listed in the lower right table in the Legend tab. Displaying of a specific month and department can be set in filters.

After clicking on the  Save changes button, the shift plan is fixed for the given period and, for example, the change of shift planners for individual persons will no longer affect the shift plan in this period.

The  Print button (1) offers more print reports for an overview of the shift plan. Reports can be saved in different formats.

The  Lock icons (2) allow you to firmly lock the shift plan so that it cannot be adjusted manually. It would have to be unlocked again.

With the  Magic wand (3) you can fill in the attendance of users according to their planned shifts.

The  Mass insertion button (4) allows inserting an activity at will to multiple users simultaneously.

This way you can also mass insert shifts, thanks to which we can insert into a shift plan a specific shift, specific shift planner or own shift planner, which adds shifts in selected days into a specific department

With the  Trash bin icon (5) you can delete a shift plan for the given users.

A person’s shift plan is predetermined (e.g. the whole month Morning)

In order not to have to manually create a shift plan for employees who tend to have the plan unchanged ( e.g. Jana Nováková usually has a Morning shift for the entire month), we have prepared so-called Shift planners. These then automatically pre-fill a Shift Plan for individual users.

A person’s shift plan changes, operational planning

You may need to set shift lengths operationally when planning shifts. For example,  starting and ending times of shifts that you need to plan for individual users often change. Predefining shifts will not be sufficient because you would create a large number of different combinations of beginnings + ends of shifts. 

In that case, you can enter the duration of the shift in the fields in the format timeFrom-timeTo in the Shift Plan, e.g. “ 8-12:30” (without spaces). If the system does not find a predefined shift with this shortcut, it will create a one-time shift only for this user. Be sure to save your changes when you are done with editing.