Shift Planners

Video manual ► How to create a new shift planner?

Shift planner automatically prepares a shift plan for employees. Therefore, you do not have to manually list shifts for each day if you have users who have only one shift (e.g. the whole month Morning) or shifts are repeated regularly for them (e.g. even week Morning, odd week Afternoon).

Shift planners are available in the User Menu Attendance - Shift Planner. Several default shift planners are created in your account after registration. They can be edited. Of course, you can create your own shift planners.

How to create a new shift planner:

1. Enter the User Menu - Attendance - Shift Planner
2. To create a new planner click the Add button and name it.
3. Select a new planner from the list and set the required shift for each day by clicking on the three asterisks.
4. Save the changes.

How to assign a shift planner to specific users:

1. Go to the Human Resources agenda
2. Select the person (or people using the check boxes) to whom you want to give a specific shift planner.
3. Select the planner which is to prepare their shift schedule, at the top of the detail in the Attendance card. 
4. Save the changes. Shifts for the entire month are now ready in the Shift Plan agenda.