Human Resources

You will be offered a list of all created users at the bottom in the Human Resources agenda. A person's detail will be displayed at the top after clicking on a specific user. It is necessary to state, for each employee, the beginning and (possibly) the end of employment. Click Add to add a new user. If you want to add more users at the same time, you can also perform a mass import.

Departments and sub-departments

It is possible to create a new department with the Add button by clicking in the department field in the 1 Basic card. A sub-department will be created if you have already clicked on a created department in the list and pressed the Add button.

Each user can be assigned to one or more departments once the departments are created. It is possible to specify user's permissions according to the departments.

Permission groups

Select one or more permission groups to which the being edited person belongs in the 4 Permission groups card. Permission groups determine what rights this employee has available within the system. The Employees with own attendance group is default and includes all newly created users. This permission group grants you the right to view your own attendance and your own business trips. There are several default permission groups in the system after creating an account which can be changed later in the User Menu - Configuration - Permission groups.

How to create user access to the web or mobile application

If you want the person to be able to log in to the web application or use the My Attendance mobile application, you must create login details - users usually log in with their e-mail address entered in the 2 Contact card.

  1. Check all people to whom you want to send access data in the Human Resources agenda.
  2. Click on the Send system access invitation button at the top after marking them.
  3. A message with a link to login will be sent to the emails of users which are stated in the 2 card Contact.

TIP: If you do not want to log in with e-mails, you can enter a login e.g. JANNOV and a universal password e.g. password12345 in the 3 card Web application account.

No one but the user himself may know the password due to the GDPR. You will then give the users a link to log in ( and they will generate their own via the Forgotten Password. However, we strongly recommend sending access via e-mail.

How to assign PINs, chips or fingerprints

If you want to assign PINs, chips or fingerprints on your computer or on Attendance clocks, go through the instructions here.

Proceed as follows if you use QR codes for the user identification

  1. In the Human Resources agenda - 5 Attendance card - It is necessary to manually enter at least one number in the Attendance PIN, chip, QR code 1 field for each user which will be used for a QR code creation afterwards. 
  2. Click on the Print button at the top after filling in this information and select the print report QR codes of employees for their generation.

How to add a tags to your users

A lot of settings in the system are tied to departments or tags. Users can be tagged directly in HR, either individually or by bulk editing.

  1. In the HR agenda, use the checkboxes in the list of users to select the users to whom you want to add a new tag.
  2. On the 1 Basic tab, click in the Tags field and type any word(s) without spaces. Press Enter and the tag will be created next to the Tags field.
  3. Save your changes.

Once a tag has been created for someone, it will then appear in the menu for other users.

An arrow can be clicked in the Tags field to display all tags used in the system. Click on a specific tag to make a selection. You can then save the changes.