Import of Human Resources

Is it possible to import a list of users into the application? What about repeated import, i.e. data update?

It is possible to import users in several steps from CSV or Excel format in the User menu Configuration - Import. Moreover, import can be performed repeatedly (for example to update data), individual users are “paired” according to User number. So in practice you can import from CSV or Excel, for example, every month, when the system performs an update of changed data only. The only important thing is that the same User number always belongs to the same person.

The condition for the correct function is that the individual parameters of the imported users are in separate columns. Thus, for example, when importing from Excel, it is important that “First Name” and “Last Name” are in two separate columns and not in one merged column.

Another condition is that there must be a column with a User number in the import file. Each imported user must then have their own unique number (which can also contain characters, so user number “Z001” is absolutely correct). It is ideal to use, for example, the number of people from the payroll system, especially if you are going to import there from GIRITON in the future. If you do not use personal numbers in the company, let Excel generate, for example, number: 1, 2, 3, …

Each column in the import file must have its own name (e.g. “User number”, “Phone”, …), however, it is not necessary to follow the specific column names in advance. You choose which column from an import file corresponds to which item in GIRITON, when importing. In case of Excel import, it is assumed that the first row contains the column names and the next rows contain the data itself. You can find an example of the import file here.