My Attendance

My Attendance application (for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone) is commonly installed on the mobile phone to each person who should use the app. 

Typically, My Attendance is installed for people who move frequently in the field, such as drivers or sales representatives. Attendance can then always be easily entered from their own phone, including recording business trips and tracking GPS location.

Other typical users of My Attendance are managers or department heads who  can control the attendance of other users through the application (if they have the necessary permissions within the system)

Besides entering attendance, the application can also monitor your  Own attendanceShift plan (your own or others, according to permissions), Work on projects or submit requests for vacation, etc. It is possible to call users directly from the application, if the users have filled in their phone number in the Human Resources agenda, e.g. in case of late arrival.

You can also use My attendance to indicate arrivals and departures to the pre-set Geofence Zone. The user does not have to clock-in attendance, it will be entered automatically according to his GPS position.