How to pair the device

You will be prompted to pair the device with your account once you turn on the mobile application if you connect a new mobile phone or tablet to the system, e.g. with Attendance Clock app or My Attendance application.

Videomanual How to pair the device

1. Log in to the web application on your computer with the address you received during registration (e.g. with your login and password.
2. Select Paired Devices agenda and click + Add button at the top left.
3. A dialogue will appear with a domain name (eg my company) and a one-time PIN that is valid for 2 minutes.
4. Copy the domain and PIN to tablet or phone to the running application and confirm or point the mobile phone or tablet at the computer and use the displayed QR code.
5. You are done if you paired the Attendance clock application. Enter your login and password which you use to a standard log-in to the web application if you paired the My Attendance application.

Pairing is performed only once for each new device.

TIP! Rename each device so it would be traceable what device it is (e.g. locker room terminal) or which user it is in the case of a mobile phone (e.g. Josef Novak).