Attendance Activities

Everything that is registered in the system (Work, Home Office, Doctor,...) and counted (Overtime, Remaining vacation, Sick day) is called Attendance activities.

As most companies have their own way of calculating overtime, rounding of attendance and many other specifics, Activities may be continuously changed and adjusted in GIRITON. Attendance activities setting can be found in the User Menu (your name on the top left - Attendance - Attendance activities.

Usually, the default activities which are created in the system automatically after creating an account, are sufficient for a start. You can use attendance fully with these and if any other requirements rise up, please contact our GIRITON tech support team and we will be happy to set up everything for you.

We/you are also able to set the parameters of individual activities, e.g. whether the given activity is counted in the total work time, whether a meal voucher is counted for this activity, whether the activity should be offered on tablets and mobile phones or the way the activity will actually be counted in results.

Creation a new (custom) attendance activity:

1. Click the Add button in the User Menu (your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance activities.

2. Select (custom activity) from the offered list, name it e.g. Home Office and confirm with the Choose button.

3. Select whether this activity will be counted to working hours, whether you can submit a request for this activity etc. on the 3 Others card. Save the changes.

The effect of the new attendance activity on the calculation of Compensatory Leave:

Compensatory leave monitors attendance activities and evaluates whether they have exceeded the daily working time limit. Alternatively, it evaluates whether it is an activity that causes absence or overtime.

If a new attendance activity is created, it is necessary to set whether it causes absence, overtime, etc. in the attendance activity Compensatory leave Σ.

  • If a new work activity is created and you'd like it to behave similarly to the Work activity (and it is set to Working time on the tab 3 Other), there is no need to modify the settings.
  • If it is an activity that is not set as Working time and should not cause absence (Sickness, Wedding, etc.), add it in the User Menu (Your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance activities - activity Compensatory leave Σ - card 4 Other to the table with the tab Not causing absence.
  • For activities such as Vacation or Doctor, add them to the tab Always considered as working time.
  • If you have activities that should deduct a value from compensatory leave, add it to the tab called Subtract activity values ​​from result. For example, this is appliable for Time off from overtime activity, when the employee chooses to take hours from compensatory leave a use them as an activity. The same value of Time off from overtime is therefore deducted from the accrued hours of compensatory leave.