Compensatory leave (overtime)

GIRITON calculates the users compensatory leave according to your preferences. It can calculate it according to the weekly work fund. It is also up to you whether you transfer or pay someone’s compensatory leave entitlement.

Compensatory leave according to shifts

Anything that is over the length of the scheduled shift is counted as overtime, i.e. positive compensatory leave. If the employee has worked less, then compensatory leave is negative - calculated minus. You can set shifts according to the manual here. This is the default system setting when you create an account.

Example: The user has a shift from 06:00 - 14:00, 8 working hours.
If he works between 06:00 - 15:00, the Compensatory leave Σ column will give him 01:00 hours overtime. - He worked 1 hour more than the shift stipulates.

If he works between 06:00 - 12:00, the Compensatory leave Σ column will give him -02:00 hours overtime. - He worked 2 hours less than the shift.

Compensatory leave according to the weekly work hours

If the working fund is, for example, 40 hours / week, the system calculates it as 8 hours / business day. Anything worked over the length of this daily working fund is counted as overtime, i.e. positive compensatory leave and vice versa. This is used in cases where the company does not have shifts or has a lot of employees with different jobs. 

1. Enter the value of Weekly work hours in the 5 Attendance card in the Human resources agenda, usually 40. 
2. Find Compensatory leave Σ in the User menu Attendance - Attendance activities
3. Select Calculate according to: Work hours per week - overtime in the 4 Others card on the right and select Other users in the drop-down menu. Save changes.

Paid/transferred compensatory leave

You can choose whether you want to transfer overtime to other months or record it as paid. You can set it yourself any time. 

1. Find Compensatory leave paid in the User menu - Attendance - Attendance activities.
2. Select whether you want to pay or not pay anything (= transfer to future months) in the 4 Others card. Save changes.
3. If you want to pay overtime only to some people, you must first assign them a tag in the Human Resources agenda and then use the tag here.