Permission groups

You can create any number of groups and for each set different permissions, for example, Employee, Manager, Master, Administrator,..

Permission groups include individual permissions. Therefore, permissions are not granted directly to users but to the group to which individual users are then added. There are several default permission groups created in the system.  For example, a group called Payroll Accountant contains permission to view and edit the attendance of other users, business trips, projects and also to lock and open attendance.

You can manage individual permission groups and their members in the  User menu - Configuration - Permission groups.

You can add or remove individual permissions in the  2 Permissions card after selecting a specific group. Users in the group can use it if permission is granted. In addition, some permissions support more detailed settings. For example, Edit all attendance permission allows you to select only those departments to which the permission should apply. More about restricting permissions to individual departments or to users with a selected tag can be found here.

TIP! Individual permission groups, including their settings, can also be copied.