Besides individual attendance of users, the system can also monitor work on projects. Users will not only enter “Arrival” but e.g. “Arrival and work on the project “Building A”.

Thus, it is possible to distinguish reporting of worked hours by individual users (in terms of attendance) from Work on Projects (in terms of reporting man-hours - the cost of individual projects). This will enable to, for example, show how much time the selected person spent on which projects (Worksheet for person agenda) or from the opposite view, how many hours were spent in total on the project Construction A (Worksheet for project agenda).

It is possible to assign an hourly salary to a person and also set up a "salary fix for selected project", which means that even though a person usually receives a certain amount of money per hour, when working on a selected project, the amount is different. Salary fix can be set up for each user in the Projects agenda in the Salary fix tab.

Specifying an hour's salary enables you to also view and report a cost of a project in means of finances spent on the workforce (agenda Worksheet of Project).

How to enter work on projects?

1. Select the one you want from the list of projects and click on Arrival in the My Attendance widget (on your computer) or on the homepage of the Attendance clock or mobile application.

2. If the project list is not available, go to settings and enable Show projects option