Planned tasks

Many automatic actions that the system performs can be set in GIRITON. These are so-called planned tasks and you can find them in the User menu (your name at the top left) - Configuration - Planned tasks.

Mostly used planned tasks include, for example, setting up a break - automatic inserting, extending or shortening its length. A special article is created for this.

Furthermore, the system can monitor the limit of worked hours for people on an agreement to complete a job or, for example, notify about running out of benefits (SickDays, Home office,...). You can find how to set up this task at this link.

Other frequently used tasks are:

Inform me about approaching birthdays 
Inform me about approaching end of employment
Inform me about approaching end of employee probationary period
Inform users about errors in their attendance

All of them can be set to any number of e-mail addresses which notifications should be sent to. It is also possible to restrict only the specific departments or people to whom the given notification should apply.

You will find many more in the system. We will be happy to help with their settings.