Activity limits monitoring

How can I set up a watchover of 300 hours worked for employees on an agreement to complete a job contract? Or that it is not possible to insert more than 3 Sickdays? Can GIRITON, for example, send an e-mail about the approaching limit of hours worked? Yes, GIRITON can monitor the cumulative value of the selected activity (e.g. total work) in the specified period (e.g. year or quarter) and when the set limit is exceeded perform the set action or prohibit further entering.

A new activity that the limits should monitor

Creating an activity, for example, Sickday:

1. Add a new work activity using the Add button in User menu (your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance activities.
2. Select a Custom activity from the offered list. Name it e.g. Sickday and confirm with the Choose button.
3. Select the Working time option (the time spent on this activity will be counted in total Work) In 3 Others card. Save changes.

Setting the limit after which is not possible to enter further attendance

For example, you do not want more than 3 Sickdays per year to be entered in Attendance. Let’s say you have already created a Sickday Activity.

1. Press the Templates button and select Remaining value in User Menu - Attendance - Attendance activities. 2. A dialogue window will pop-up which you can fill in according to the pictorial instructions.
3. More items will be created under this name, after saving changes. Do not change or delete them. You will see a new item in Sums in Attendance agenda. The same applies for the Human Resources agenda in 5 Attendance card.
4. One of the attendance activities has a Default value in the name (e.g. Remaining Sickday - Default value). In this activity, in 4 Others card, you can change the given value in case of any internal adjustments. You can change the entitlement of individuals in the Human Resources agenda - card 5 Attendance.

Attention! If you would like to monitor the work limit for people on an agreement to complete a job contract or another time data, it is necessary to select the format in the Default value, e.g. 300:00.

Setting a notification when the required limit is exceeded

 For example, you want to receive an e-mail in case the user exceeds 300 hours worked on an agreement to complete a job contract.

Let’s say that according to the previous instructions, you have created the Remaining Work agreement to complete a job activity.

1. Press the + Add button in User menu - Configuration - Planned tasks
2. Select Inform about activity value task from the offered list and add it with the Choose button.
3. Click on the newly added task and rename it in 1 Planned actions card. Then fill in the addresses of the recipients to whom the notification should be sent to. You can separate emails with a comma.
4. Select the Remaining Work agreement to complete a job activity in the Checked activity field.
5. Select < in the Comparison type field and enter 00:01 in the Compare with field.
In this setting, an e-mail will be sent to the selected addresses if the users have depleted the Remaining Work agreement to complete a job - in other words, they will work 299:59 for the whole year.
6. Leave Check monthly value checkbox on. You can then specify who this task applies to in 2 Valid only for card.