Import of attendance from other systems

Attendance is being usually entered via Wall Mount Time Clock, via My Attendance cell phone app or via the main web application. However, there may be situations where you have individual arrivals and departures of your users in another system and you want to transfer these data to Giriton. Typically, these situations occur if you have your own access system from which you want to transfer arrivals and departures to Giriton. Alternatively, if you have another in-house system (e.g. cloud PBX) and you want to enter events from it to Giriton (e.g. “Operator received a call”) as attendance events (e.g. “Phone activity, start”). You have the following options for entering attendance from other systems into Giriton.

Direct integration

Giriton already has a direct integration for some third-party systems that allow attendance or create events from which attendance can be generated. These are, for example. Fidoo, Digital Tachograph, 2N Access Commander or Cloudtalk. Setting up integration is usually the easiest in these cases.

Entering attendance via REST API

We have also prepared REST API for entering attendance, for systems that enable sending of data via REST API. For example, if your access system allows you to send REST API messages, you can create a connection with Giriton so that the event from the access system (e.g. “passage through the reader Main door-entrance”) is immediately written to Giriton as “Arrival”. Data transfer via REST API is therefore fully automatic and once it is set up and running, there is no need to manually intervene to the automatic synchronization. More information about REST API can be found here.

Import attendance using Excel

If your internal system is not among those with which Giriton has direct integration, nor does it offer event sending via REST API, you can transfer data from it to Giriton manually in the form of an Excel file. So you would usually downloaded the passages to Excel in this format once a week or at the end of the month which you will then import to the Giriton web application.