Integration with Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is a cloud telephone exchange. Events from Cloudtalk (“Operator answered call”, “Operator hung up”, …) can be automatically transferred to Giriton to create attendance. You can then easily find out from your operators how much time they spent on the phone itself.

First create a REST API token with the “Insert Attendance” permission in Giriton to enable synchronization. Then add Workflow automation in Cloudtalk as shown below. Workflow automation needs to be added for each Cloudtalk event separately. So you will have one Workflow automation named “Call Answered to Giriton”, which will respond to the Cloudtalk trigger “Call -> answered” and whose Action bude API request which will send the parameter “startOrStop” = true. The second automation called “Call ended to Giriton” will then respond to the trigger “call -> ended” and will send “startOrStop” = false.