2N Access Commander

If you want to connect GIRITON Attendance with 2N intercom directly, i.e. without using Access Commander, follow the instructions here. Follow these instructions to synchronize GIRITON with 2N Access Commander.

2N access Commander is a centre of the 2N system which can be used to manage a large number of electronically unlockable door locks and 2N units within the company, set access rights to selected zones to individual users, record their movement in a building and so on.

GIRITON Attendance supports connection to 2N Access Commander centre. The systems can synchronize user lists with each other, so that, for example, after you create new users in GIRITON, they will automatically appear in 2N Access Commander. Data of clocking-in / out and passage through individual doors is also synchronized. For example, you can set that by clocking-in and passing through the selected 2N reader, Arrival will be inserted into GIRITON and by clocking-in on another 2N reader, Departure.

1. Preparation

Your 2N Access Commander probably runs inside your internal company network and is not publicly available from the Internet. In order for Giriton to connect to your 2N Access Commander, we will use the ProxyAgent application which is used to forward data between 2N Access Commander and Giriton. Install and run the ProxyAgent application on a PC in your internal company network.

2. Get an administrative login to 2N Access Commander

GIRITON Attendance is verified by a login and password when communicating with 2N Access Commander. Therefore, you will need a login and password for 2N Access Commander to set up synchronization. You can either user the administrative “Admin” login with which administrator logs in to 2N Access Commander or add a new user in the “Users” section in 2N Access Commander, enable “Create login credentials”, fill in (your) email, login and password. Open the newly added user, use the “Generate new password” button to send the password to your email and turn on all items in the Authorization section.

3. Turn on synchronization with 2N Access Commander

In the web application Giriton, go to the agenda User menu > Configuration > Planned Tasks, click Add and select "Synchronization with 2N Access Commander".

Select ProxyAgent from point 1. through which GIRITON will connect to 2N Access Commander. Then fill in the login data created in point 2. Enter the URL address in the address field in the format, on which 2N Access Commander is running. The entered IP address will be called internal / private, for example 192.168.x.x. 2N Access Commander will expect the selected ProxyAgent. If the PC with the ProxyAgent does not trust the HTTPS certificate from 2N Access Commander, also enable the "Ignore HTTPS errors" option. Click the Add button to connect to the given 2N Access Commander.

You can set in the 2 Others card after successful entry of 2N Access Commander which attendance activity should be entered by the user when using the selected 2N reader. For example, you would typically set Work-start, i.e. Arrival, for the input reader.

Using the Synchronize users and Synchronize attendance options you control which information is to be synchronized automatically.