Proxy Agent app

Proxy Agent GIRITON is an application that forwards communication between selected devices in your internal network and the Attendance GIRITON cloud application. Most often, the Proxy Agent is used in conjunction with door unlocks or attendance terminals that are not designed to run in the cloud. Proxy Agent GIRITON can be downloaded here for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The first time you run Proxy Agent, you will be prompted to pair the application to your Giriton Company account. To pair, add a new REST api token in the Giriton web application, Paired Devices. Properly name the new token, for example, "Proxy Agent on a PC in the warehouse". After saving the changes, click on the eye icon to show the token in yourcompany.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format. Copy this token to the Proxy Agent, which asks for it the first time you start it.

From now on, the Proxy Agent is paired with your Giriton company account and is ready to provide a connection between your cloud company account and a device on your local network that is not primarily intended for use in the cloud. Even if you have several devices in your local network that need to be communicated, it is sufficient to have only one Proxy Agent application on a single PC in this network. The application must always be running in the background and must have Internet access, so it is advisable to have it turned on automatically when the PC starts. All communication to the Internet takes place exclusively with using HTTPS on port 443.

To increase security, in Proxy Agent, in Menu - Settings - Allow communication with IP only, select only those IP addresses or address ranges with which you wish to enable mediated communication from the GIRITON Cloud Attendance. If the GIRITON Attendance attempts to communicate through a Proxy Agent with a different internal IP address than is allowed, the Proxy Agent will reject the communication.