2N standalone reader

If you use 2N Access Commander for managing multiple devices, follow the instructions here. To synchronize GIRITON with a standalone 2N reader without 2N Access Commander, follow these instructions.

1. Preparation

Your 2N intercom probably runs inside your internal company network and is not publicly available from the internet. In order for GIRITON to connect to your 2N intercom, we will use the Proxy Agent application which is used to forward data between the 2N intercom and Giriton. Install and run the Proxy Agent application on a PC in your internal company network.

2. Create login to 2N standalone reader

Login to the web interface of the given 2N reader.

In the Services - HTTP API section make sure that Logging API is turned on, the Connection type is Secure TLS and the Authentication field is Digest. In the 1 Account card (or the next one that is free) turn on Account Enabled, fill in the Username and Password which you will need later. Then tick off the checkbox in the Monitoring column in the Access & Keypad access UID (Cards & Wiegand) rows. This allows you to log in with the given login and password to the given 2N reader and download the passage data.

3. Turn on synchronization with a 2N standalone reader in the GIRITON Attendance

Go to the Paired Devices agenda, click on + Add button and select “2N standalone reader”. 

Select ProxyAgent from point 1. through which Giriton will connect to the 2N reader. Then fill in the login data created in point 2. in the Login and Password fields. Fill in the URL address in the Address field in the format on which your 2N reader is running. The entered IP address will be called internal / private, for example 192.168.x.x. The selected ProxyAgent will be waiting for the 2N reader at this address. If everything is filled in correctly, a new paired device will be created for the selected reader.

You can set in the 2 Others card after a successful entering of 2N reader which attendance activity is to be inserted by users who will use the selected 2N reader. For example, you would typically set Work-start, i.e. Arrival, for the input reader.