Part-time job contract

Can the system deal with part-time employees? How to set up a user with a half-shift so that overtime is calculated correctly? All you have to do is adjust shifts and shift planners settings for the given users. If you do not have shifts in your company and you have set the calculation of compensatory leave according to contracts, you do not have to deal with shift settings.


In the User menu Attendance - Shifts it is necessary to create a new shift that corresponds to the user’s contract. Even if the user does not have a fixed working time from-to, it is important for Giriton to know how many hours the “shift” should have in order to properly calculate overtime and other activities. 

For example, the shift name is Part-time, working hour 6:00-12:00 + 00:30 break shift abbreviation P6.

Shift planner 

If we want the created shift to be automatically planned for the given users, it is appropriate to also create a shift planner for them. In the User menu Attendance - Shift planner name a new shift planner, for example, Part-time. The created shift for this type of contract is selected for each day afterwards.

For example, the Part-time shift planner, the Part-time shift P6 set to Monday - Friday.

Human resources

In order for shifts to be reflected in the Shift plan, they must be set for the given user in the Human Resources agenda - selection of the given user - 5 Attendance card. Enter the shift planner called Part-time in the shift planner field. These edits can also be made in bulk by marking multiple people in the user list.