Restriction of activities in My Attendance

You can determine what Attendance activities will be available to users in My Attendance application.

For example, you would like only Home Office and Client visit activities to be entered from My Attendance app, while Break, Work, Lunch activities can be entered from Attendance clock that are placed in the office. Moreover, it may be desirable for this restriction to be applicable only for certain users.

Restriction of attendance activities is being done via permissions of users:

1. Select the desired group for which you want to set up permissions in User Menu -> Configuration -> Permission groups.
2. Find "Restrict attendance from My Attendance App" permission in Not granted permissions on the 2 Permissions tab and move it right to Granted permissions.
3. Select this permission in Granted permissions and a new table will appear below it for other specific settings for classic and dual activities. You can then select what activities will be offered to users in My Attendance application. Save the changes.

From now on, all users who are members of this permission group will only be offered alllowed attendance activities in their My Attendance application.

It should be reminded that each user can be a member of multiple permission groups. You may be rectricted from entering other attendance activities from each permission group. If the user is a member of Administrator permission group, it is not possible to restrict any attendance activity.