Shift subscription

The  Shift subscription agenda is used e.g. by the department managers to publish shifts for the specific days to which users can then sign up. The agenda is suitable, for example, in case the company has a larger number of interns who, after publishing shifts, sign up for individual days according to their options. 

If you want to determine the Shift plan that is given to individual users in advance and the users themselves do not modify it afterwards, the Shift Plan agenda is better than the Shift Subscription agenda. 

Plan of everybody

The Shift subscription agenda has two display modes that can be switched between. The mode  Plan of everybody is intended for a manager ẃho lists shifts for individual days and departments. This mode is available only if the current user has granted View Shift registration and Edit Shift registration permission. 

Filters at the top of the screen can display a specific month or department. You can easily add or remove multiple shifts using the mass insertion and mass removal buttons. Click on a specific day to list a new shift. By choosing the specific department, you can plan a shift specifically into this department in the Shift Plan. Users with this shift already planned in the Shift Plan will be automatically added into the shift in the Shift Subscription.

My plan

The  My plan mode serves ordinary users to sign up to individual announced shifts. They can also sign up to them from the My Attendance mobile application from the Shift plan agenda. It is necessary to have the Sign up for shifts from Shift registration permission to sign up. This permission can be further restricted for subscriptions to specific departments etc.

If the users have permissions of a regular employee (permission group called Employees with own attendance), they cannot switch between the My plan and Plan of everybody nor add or delete shifts.