Integration with Helpscout

GIRITON can be integrated with the Helpscout tool by transferring the number of written messages of individual operators from Helpscout to Giriton. In GIRITON, in addition to the attendance of individual operators, you will also see, for example, the number of emails sent from Helpscout.

First, create a new "My App" application in Helpscout, in the section Manage -> Users -> (select the administrator user) -> My Apps -> Create My App. For example, name the application "GIRITON Integration" and put "" in the "Redirection URL" field. Click on the newly established "GIRITON Integration" app, you should see two fields called "App ID" and "App Secret". We will need this data later.

In the GIRITON web application, in the User Menu -> Administration -> Scheduled Tasks, add a new scheduled task "Synchronization with Helpscout" and enter the App ID and App Secret from the previous step.

In the "Import settings" table, set which numbers from Helpscout should be copied into which fields in GIRITON. So, for example, "Number of responses of type Email" from Helpscout to be recorded in GIRITON in the attendance activity "Helpscout emails". You can find more about how to create a new attendance activity of the Note type - The full number here:

After saving the changes, the scheduled task is run automatically every 30 minutes and transfers data for the past 30 days (can be adjusted in the "Period" section) and for all users (can be limited in the "Applies only to" tab). The scheduled task can also be run manually by clicking the "Start manually" button, then you can choose a specific period and users whose statistics should be synchronized.

Attention, the Helpscout service requires either a "PLUS" subscription or higher, or the purchased "Advanced API Access" add-on.