New Calendar

It is possible to add a new calendar to the Calendar agenda. Whether imported or calendars of specific activities. For example, you want to see when someone within a company has a Doctor activity scheduled.

How to add a new attendance calendar:

1. Go to the User Menu (your name at the top left) in the web application - Attendance - External calendars

2. Click the add button and select New attendance calendar from the menu. Select the activity you want to add to the calendar in the next offered table. In our case the Doctor activity. 

3. Select the newly created Doctor calendar in the list of created calendars. You can select other preferences in its settings, such as whether the calendar is public or whether you want to export it to another application. 

On the  2 Valid only for tab, you can set up both whose data will be displayed in the calendar and also to whom the calendar is offered to be displayed. So, for example, you can create a Vacation calendar that displays Vacations of all users that have the “worker” tag and this calendar is displayed for all users with the “leader” tag. 

4. Update the Calendar agenda (close and open with the cross) and then mark the new calendar to display it. You can also filter specific periods or resorts in the calendar agenda.

You can find more about importing and exporting calendars here.