Export and Import of Calendars

GIRITON also includes a Calendar. You can clearly display, for example, Vacations, Vacation Requests or other absences. Individual users can also create their own calendars within GIRITON which can be shared.

Export of Calendars

Individual calendars can be exported so you can view them in your Outlook or shared Google Calendar.

  1. In the web app, under User Menu (your name on the top left) > Configuration - External calendars, select the desired calendar.
  2. Select the Calendar available as iCal check box and save your changes.
  3. Then, in the iCal URL field, you will see the URL of the shared calendar, which you can paste into, for example, Outlook or Google Calendar.

Add a calendar to an external application

Import of Calendars

You can take the URL of a shared calendar in the same way, for example, from Outlook, Office 365 or Google Calendar and let it load into GIRITON where it will appear next to Vacations, Requests, etc. in the Calendar agenda.

  1. Go to User menu Configuration - External Calendars.
  2. Click Add - New external calendar
  3. Then enter the URL of your external calendar and confirm.

This calendar will now be displayed in GIRITON.