Long range reader (entrance barrier)

The Giriton Attendance clock also allows the connection of a long-range chop reader. This is used, for example, to raise the entrance barrier when a vehicle with the correct chip behind the window approaches the gate.

The long-range PAR-R7 LR reader (outdoor version, range up to 15 m) is supported. It is connected to the Time clock via RS485. It is therefore necessary to have a Time clock with this port. It is necessary to first connect to the reader from the PC via the RS232 port and configue it using the supplied application to send the chip number via the RS485 line, as shown in the picture below. Subsequently, RS232 can be disconnedted and the reader continues to work only via RS485.

When the vehicle containing the correct chip approaches the reader at 10 - 15 meters, the reader sends the chip number to the Time clock. This, of course, needs to be directed to a user in Giriton so that the Time clock knows the chip / vehicle / user. Upon detection, the Time clock can close the relay so the entrance barrier, door or turnstile unlock. You can either use a built-in relay in the Time clock or you can use an external RS485 relay. The RS485 relay can be connected to the Time clock on the same RS485 line after which the chip reader send the chip number and can be located, for example, in an external barrier which it will control.