Alcohol tester

If you have our Time Clock with Android 6 or newer or if you use our Attendance clock app on your own Android 6 or newer device, you can simply connect a Bluetooth Alcohol Tester to this Time clock. The Time clock then prompts the user to take a test when clocking-in.You can easily set whether or how often individual users should be tested. For example, you can set up the clock that it promts users from the Warehouse department to take a test every day with a 10% probability, testing each user at least once a month. Store users will be prompted every day with a 50% probability. And, for example, users with the “Manager” tag will not be tested at all. It can be set, for example, only when clocking-in, not clocking-out.

Alcohol testing settings on the Time clock

1. Get a supported Alcohol Tester that offers a Bluetooth interface. We currently support BACtrack C8 and BACtrack C6 alcohol testers. Let us know If you use another bluetooth alcohol tester and we will see if it can be added to the supported devices.

2. Pair the alcohol tester with the Attendance clock app on your Android device. Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device. Open Menu -> Settings - Alcohol testing in the Attendance clock app, where you enable the “Enable alcohol testing” option. 
Please note that BACtrack alcohol testers must be switched to "App mode" before pairing by holding the power button for 8 seconds after switching on the tester.
Note: Alcohol tester pairing will take place during the first test. He you will be able to select a device and also you will be able to select that this device will be used automatically for this event. It will therefore be necessary to set the condition, see the point 3:

3. Create a rule in the web app in the User Menu - Configuration - Breath alcohol content test planning - where you add a new rule by clicking the"+Add" button. You can set for the given rule what level is allowed, which users are to be prompted to the test or how regularly individual users are to be prompted or what is to be displayed on the Time clock when the test is successful or unsuccessful. You can also set a list of inserted activities in which the test is to be performed (e.g. only on Clock-in, not Clock-out).
Note that the units given for the test result are% (ie percentages). If you want to set the limit of the test result, e-g- 0.1 per mille, fill-in the value 0.01%.

4. Perform "Clock-in" on the Time clock. If the Time clock ptompt you to perform a test based on the setup rules, follow the Time clock instructions.

5. You can view the performed test results in the Giriton Attendance web application in the User Menu - Configuration - Breath alcohol content test results

Caution: Alcotesters must be calibrated regularly. Follow the seller's instructions for calibration.