Arrivals and departures check

Does it happen in your company that employees arrive late on their scheduled shift? Giriton can certainly control this for you. If you wish to set up arrivals and departures check for a specific scheduled shift, please proceed as follows:

1. Go to User Menu (your name at the top left) -> Attendance -> Attendance activities -> hit the green Add button.
2. Here you select “Arrival and departure check” from the list of activities. Set the notification symbol, notification color, shift start adjustment and leave shift end adjustment as it is.
3. Add the required shift to the field “Monitored shifts”. Tick of whether you want to check arrival / departure / both. From now on, if someone arrives later than the set time in this activity, the set indication will be displayed in the “Attendance” agenda.

TIP: The attendance erros widget in the Home agenda can be set up to display this activity - just click on the gear wheel, click on “Displayed error types:” and select this newly created activity.