Integration with SLACK

GIRITON Attendance can send automatic notifications about various events. Slack is a cloud platform for team messaging. After registering on Slack, in addition to the requirement to use applications for all mobile and desktop platforms, you will also get your own domain

In the GIRITON web application in the User menu Configuration - Planned tasks, you can set alerts, for example, for users’ upcoming birthdays, inactive Attendance clock, insufficient number of employees present at the selected department, late arrivals of employees etc.

For individual planned tasks, you can set an email address in the “Addresses of recipients (E-mail, Slack)” field which the notification should be sent to. You can enter one or more email addresses in this field, separated either by a space or comma. You can use Slack webhook instead of email address. 

To add Slack webhook as an address for sending notifications from GIRITON, please follow these steps: 

1. Go to your Slack address
2. Find Incoming Webhook and click Add.
3. Select which channel you want to send the notification to and press Add Incoming WebHooks integration.
4. Copy the WebHook URL from the Setup Instructions (in the format) to GIRITON in the “Recipient addresses (E-mail, Slack)” field and save changes in the Planned task.

Everything is done. From now on GIRITON will send you notifications directly to your Slack channel.