Integration of other web applications into GIRITON

you can add other agendas to existing agendas In the GIRITON web application which will display any web page or application when opened. You can display any of your in-house web applications or, for example, a shared Google sheet in GIRITON as if it were part of the GIRITON web application. The web page is displayed as an iFrame.

Add a new record in the User Menu (your name at the top left) - Configuration - Custom agendas. Set the name under which the new agenda will appear to Giriton users in the agenda panel and also set the icon. Fill in the URL address to which your website or corporate web application is available. You can restrict which users see this new agenda in their Giriton web application, In the 2 card “Valid only for”. Log-in to the Giriton web application again after saving the changes and you will immediately see the new agenda.

This way, you can create a new agenda in the Giriton web application called, for example, “Corporate Video Chat” which will have the corporate Google Meet room address filled in the URL. The Google Meet attached to this room will be displayed directly in the web browser each time you open this agenda. Or, for example, an agenda called “Google Sheet with Attendance Graphs” which will contain the URL address of your Google sheet which uses REST api to download attendance data from GIRITON and continues to work with them. A Google sheet is displayed each time you open this agenda which in turn downloads data from Giriton or elsewhere, performs calculations on that data and displays results and graphs.