Update of Android Time clock

In case you were notified in the web application that you need to update your Attendance clock devices running on Android, then please follow the instructions below immediately.

Wall-mount time clock with metal holder and Android 4 system

If you have a wall-mount clock with Android 4 with a metal holder and a chip reader, then follow the steps below on the time clock to update it.

Attention: If the interface on your attendance clock device is significantly different from the images below then the device is probably not running Android 4 and the manual update should not be performed.

1. Close the Attendance clock app via Menu -> Close application.
2. Open the application list by clicking on the circular icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Launch “Browser” application.
4. Enter the address: giriton.com/giri4 in the address bar (attention: enter the address without https and without www at the beginning)
5. The app.apk file will be downloaded for you.
6. Swipe your finger from top left corner of the screen, you will see the app.apk file in the displayed panel. Click on the downloaded file.
7. The Attendance Clock application will be launched. Close the application again via Menu -> Close application
8. Click Install button. The update will be installed after which the Attendance clock will be restarted. The update is complete.

How do you find out which of your Time Clocks needs to be updated?

You will identify Time Clock devices running Android 4 in the web application in Paired Devices agenda by the text “SIBO-Q896” in the Model column and “4.2.2” in the Device Version column. These are Android 4 devices that should be updated. You can find out whether the Attendance clock has already been updated in the “Application version” column. Any version older than “2.9.38” should be updated.

Attendance clock installed on your own Android phone/tablet

If you do not have a wall-mount Time clock with a metal holder and a chip reader but you have your own phone/tablet, then do the following to update the Attendance clock app:

Open the Play store app on your Android device, find GIRITON Attendance clock app and press “Update”.