Rounding and trimming of arrivals and departures

Trimming of arrival or departure time

Is it possible to set the application so that it does not count the time before the start of a shift or after the end of a shift, even if employees were still at work? Certainly!

How to set trimming of the time worked:

1. User menu (your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance activities - Add button.
2. Select Work time trimming from the list. This function deducts the total time users have worked before the start of a shift and after its end from the total time worked.
3. Select Work activity in the Watched activities field in settings.
4. If you want to apply trimming to some shifts only, select them in the Monitored shifts field.
5. Tick off the checkboxes to trim the time before the start of a shift / after the end of a shift / both. Confirm with the Choose button.
6. If trimming is to apply to some departments / tags only, you can further set this in the attendance activity in the 4 Others card.

Example: Let’s have a shift from 8 to 16:30 with a half-hour break in the middle. Mrs Novák arrives at work at 7:50 and leaves at 16:02. The trimming of the time worked will have a value of -00:12 (10 minutes will be trimmed before the shift and 2 minutes after it) and the total time worked by Mrs Novak for this day will be equal to 8:00.

Trimming of the time worked can be set so that it is performed only for selected shifts or, for example, for selected departments. 

Rounding of arrival and departure times

Is it possible to round the arrival or departure times of individual employees? Certainly! There are variants of rounding such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes.

How to set arrival and departure time rounding:

1. User menu - Attendance - Attendance activities - Add button.
2. Select Clock-in time rounding or Clock-out time rounding from the list.
3. Select the wanted period from-to when the time should be rounded and also how many minutes (10, 15, 30,...).

It is possible to specify in settings in which the time interval of the monitored period should be. Moreover, whether this rounding is generally calculated at these times or only applies to specific shifts that can be selected.

Arrival time is always rounded up, e.g. at 07:05 is rounded to 07:15. (to 15 min. up)
Departure time is always rounded down, e.g. departure at 15:05 is rounded to 15:00

The difference between rounding and trimming 

Rounding - We have a shift from 6:00. Mr. Novak will enter arrival at 05:35. The time is rounded to 15 minutes up, i.e. 05:45. Arrival 15 minutes before the shift will be recorded in the system. 

Trimming - We have a shift from 6:00. Mr Novak will enter arrival at 05:35. The time will be trimmed to 06:00 - the system will always record the arrival exactly at the time of a shift.