How to adjust hourly wage

GIRITON allows you to set the adjustment of the default hourly wage of users. For example, you can set a higher wage during a weekend during a bank holiday or lower wage when clockin-in a selected attendance activity. 

The users default hourly wage is set in the Human Resources agenda in the 5 Attendance card. This amount will be multiplied by number of hours worked in each period, resulting in the total wage for that period.

Adjustment of the wage for the selected activity (homeoffice)

Creation of Homeoffice activity:

1. Add a new work activity using the Add button in the User menu - Attendance - Attendance activities
2. Select a Custom activity from the offered list. Name it e.g. Homeoffice and confirm with the Choose button.
3. Select the Working time option (The time spent on this activity will be counted in the total hours worked) in the 3 Others card. Save changes. 

Change of the amount of wage for Homeoffice

1. Select Wage activity in the Attendance Activities agenda.
2. Add the Homeoffice activity by clicking on the green + button in the Wage adjustment table in the 4 Others card.
3. If you want to adjust the wage only for some people, you must first assign them a tag in the Human Resources agenda and then use the tag here as well.

TIP! If you need to adjust the wage for bank holidays or weekends, select the Work on the weekend activity Weekend work, Bank holiday work or Night time work, etc.

Wage adjustment options

The user's hourly wage can be adjusted as follows:

  • “+10%” or “-10%”: sums up / deduct 10% of the original amount to the original amount
  • “10%”: the result will be 10% of the original amount
  • “+10” or “-10”: 10 units of the given currency (CZK) will be added to the original amount of the hourly wage.
  • “10”: The hourly wage will be adjusted to the value of 10 units of the given currency (CZK)