Dual activities

What is a dual activity and why will it make your work easier? You will find classic activities in GIRITON such as Work or Break. These activities are usually entered by the users starting at the beginning and after some time the end of the activity.  Dual activity allows inserting two actions at once.

For example, user Novák has a shift between 08:00 - 16:00. He wants to go to a doctor at 14:00 and not return to work that day.

He has several options for entering such attendance records:

a. He creates a request for a Doctor beforehand in the time of 14:00 - 16:00 - He only enters the Departure button on the Attendance clock.

b. He clicks the Departure button when leaving and the Doctor start button - the Doctor activity will not end itself and at the end of the day, this record will be indicated as incorrect which needs to be corrected the next day.

c. He clicks on the dual activity Leaving for Doctor - this button ends the Work activity, starts the Doctor activity and at the end of the shift automatically ends the Doctor activity.

Dual activity is usually used for activities that are to end themselves - Leaving for Doctor, Leaving for overtime, Leaving for Homeoffice and more.

It is then possible to set the activity to be inserted automatically for each day according to shifts using dual activities until the user enters Arrival again. This can be used, for example, for  leave to care for family members, Paragraph, Vacation, Sick leave, etc.

Dual activity settings:

1. Go to the User menu (your name at the top left) in the web application - Attendance - Attendance activities dual.
2. Click the Add button.
3. Enter the name of the activity as it should appear on the clock and select which activity this button should insert.
4. Use the checkboxes to set the dual activity to the desired configuration. Help in bubbles will ease orientation.

5. Find the Work (total) activity in the User menu - Attendance - Attendance activities.

6. Tick off the checkbox Show dual activities in Attendance agenda in the 4 Others card. Save changes. You will access the newly added “Leave for…” buttons in the Attendance agenda with this step.