Automatically selected activity on the Attendance clock

The given attendance activity can be selected on the Attendance clock at the selected time. Users do not always have to select Arrival in the morning and Departure in the afternoon. The buttons will be preselected according to the current time.

Our example will be an automatic selection of the following activities:

- 06:50-10:55 Arrival (Work)
- 10:55-11:25 Break
- 11:25-14:55 Arrival (Work)
- from 14:55 Odchod (end of Work)

In the web application:

1. Click on the User menu (your name at the top left) - Attendance - Attendance activities.
2. Select the Work activity in the offered list of activities.
3. Fill in the fields Starts at “06:50, 11:25” and Ends at “14:55” in the 1 Basic card. Save changes.
4. Select Break (or Lunch) activity on the 1 Basic card and then fill in the times Starts at “10:55”. The ends at the field remain blank. Save changes.

On the Attendance clock:

1. Click the Menu - Settings - Automatically select default activity in the Inserting attendance section.
2. Click this option and select According to time at the top.
From now on the activities will be preselected according to the times set in the web application.

TIP! If a Break is automatically generated in your account and no one is clocking it, then you only need to set the start and end time for the Work activity.