Users can submit requests for attendance, such as Doctor or Vacation request. For example John Doe can apply for a vacation in agenda Attendance by selecting the desired term and clicking the "Request +" button.

Another user who has permissions to approve such requests can see agenda Requests in web application. Particular requests are also visible in agenda Attendance. Such person can comment, approve or dismiss single requests here. If such person would fill in own email address and enable particular setting (in agenda Human Resources), mail will be sent with every new request waiting for approval.

Similarly if applicant has own mail address filled in and setting is turned on, applicant receives email about approval or disapproval of own request.

For your convenience there are two widgets you can add to your homescreen. Widget My requests shows you status of your own attendance request - therefore is to be used by applicants. Widget Requests to be approved shows you all attendance requests that can be approved or rejected by you. In both cases the widgets allows you to quickly see all relevant data just after login without even clicking anywhere.