Presence Shifts

You can see, create, or edit all Attendance Shifts in User Menu - Attendance - Attendance Shifts. After registration, the system automatically creates sample shifts for you (morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift), including all necessary settings. You can edit those existing shifts or even add your own with custom settings here.

Shifts are most often used in agenda Shift Plan, where you create a schedule of shifts for particular users for future months.

It is not necessary to plan shifts by hand in the Shift Plan agenda for users, who continuously have predictable shift plans. For those users, you can create Shift Planner in the menu User Menu - Attendance - Shift Planner. Shift planner is a template that plans shifts for users based on simple rules such as the day of a week. We already prepared two sample planners for you after registration to make things easier.

If you assign a shift planner to a person in agenda Human Resources, the Shift Plan for this person will now be pre-generated by a particular Planner in future months.