Business trips

Business trips can be found in the  Attendance agenda under the car icon at the top left.
Business trips are managed here. It is possible to view, add, edit and delete business trips including their parameters, depending on the permissions of the currently logged in user.

How to enter a new business trip:

1. Click on the car icon at the top left in the Attendance agenda.
2. Drag the mouse on the calendar to select the days on which the business trip should last.
3. You will be offered a table with preset information. Fill in the trip details as needed.
4. If a vehicle with the required license plate is not offered in the list, you can enter the license plate in this field. The license plate is saved and automatically offered the next time you enter it.

By selecting one or more employees from the table at the bottom left, only the business trips of these persons can be filtered.
All business trips can be seen just like in the calendar in the table at the bottom right.