Taking pictures of users while clocking-in

Is it possible to prevent users from exchanging chips with each other and entering attendance with each other? Yes, it is possible to enable taking a picture on the Attendance clock. This function captures the user each time an attendance record is entered (eg. arrival/departure). 

1. Make sure you have allowed taking photos on the Attendance clock. Enable Take photos of users in the Menu - Settings in the Inserting attendance section. 
2. It is necessary to mark off the consent of the given user in the Human Resources agenda in the web application. Tick the agrees to be photographed while inserting the attendance records checkbox in the 1 Basic card.

The attendance clock will only take pictures of users who have this consent ticked. 

Individual photos can be found:
a) in the web application in the Attendance - Entries after clicking on the icons in the Position column.
b) in the web application in the Attendance agenda by clicking on the eye icon at the top right.