Attendance agenda

Buttons and filters

This agenda displays a graphical overview of attendance for a selected user in a specified period. If you have a permission  View all attendance or Edit all attendance, you can view, edit and print attendance data. You can filter each department or switch viewed months by using the filters on the top. Also, you can switch from Person overview to Daily or Monthly overview. (1)

The car icon (2) will open the Business trips agenda.

Button Print (3) allows you to choose from plenty of print templates and export them to many formats.

Icons with a lock (4) serve to lock or unlock the attendance. We recommend to lock the attendance after the end of a month  so users can't edit the entries anymore.

Button with two arrows (5) can update a whole page without neccessity to log out and log in again.

The eye icon (6) shows you the photos of employees if the device is set to take them.

Person overview

This tab offers an overview of one person and his whole month including shifts and particular entries of each day.

Tab  Sums (1) shows the total attendance figures for the entire shown period.

After selecting a particular day at the table, you can view the details of the day in tab  Entries (2), and if you have a permission, you can also edit those entries. You can also show additional information of a particular day by hovering mouse over a row with that day.

In case there is a  problem in attendance in one of the days (e.g. the user has forgotten to clock out), exclamation mark appears on that particular line (3).

If you edit some of the values  manually, green highlight is shown around that field (4).

Attendance requests of selected user (doctor request, vacation request, ...) are shown as hatched in the row (5). In the tab Entries (2) you can click on the wheel icon to display window with the details of the selected request.

Entering attendance

Entries in attendance appear automatically when the user uses the mobile application, attendance clock or widget on the home screen of the web app to enter them. However, you can also enter attendance manually (if you have permission to do so).

1. Click on a specific day, the entries table will be displayed in the right detail.
2. Select the activity you want to add and the time which it should be counted from, In the row with the green + button. 
3. By clicking on the green + button you add another row that will end this activity at another time. Each activity must have its beginning and end (play and stop icon)
4. Save the changes.

Mass insertion

1. Click on the green  + add button to open another menu, including mass insertion, in the Attendance agenda in the web application. Select that. 
2. A calendar table will open in which you can drag the mouse to mark the desired days when the activity should last.
3. Then another window for further specification will appear. Click on the box to select a person and select only the people for whom you want to record activity.
4. Then select an activity, a date or time when it should last. There are more options, described in the picture. You save everything with the OK button and then in the calendar with the Save button.

This way you can also mass insert shifts, thanks to which we can insert into a shift plan a specific shift, specific shift planner or own shift planner, which adds shifts in selected days into a specific department

TIP! If you have checked Only on days with planned shift checkbox, then the activity will be inserted only on those days where the shift is actually scheduled. Make sure that shifts are inserted everywhere in case when you cannot insert activity for the first time. Either insert them or uncheck the check mark.