What tablet to choose for Attendance Clock

When choosing a suitable tablet for the Attendance Clock app, it is necessary to decide whether users will use RFID or NFC chips and tags, magnetic cards, printed QR codes or manually enter a PIN on the touch keyboard of a tablet.

Application Attendance Clock also supports GPS location and photo while entering attendance. To use this feature, you need to choose a tablet with a front-facing camera, and/or GPS module respectively.

Tablet for entering attendance with RFID or NFC chips or Magnetic cards

Such tablets must have a USB port to connect the NFC chip reader, RFID chip or magnetic card reader. It is also important that the tablet must be charged by any other way than through that USB port (as the port will be occupied by the reader).

Although you can use the tablet with a USB port sizes MINI and MICRO, we however recommend USB port with a full size - thus avoiding the use of a converter/adaptor. Our clients often use some of the following tablets with a full-size USB port:

To such tablet ou would then connect via USB:

Note: When using NFC chips for entering attendance you can also use the tablets that already have built-in NFC readers. The offer of such tablets is significantly restricted so the choice of a particular model is up to the client. It should be noted that such tablets often read the NFC chip only on a very specific location on a tablet surface (under which the reader is located). Sometimes this spot is only at the back side of the tablet. Compared to that the external USB NFC chip reader manages to read the chips from distance of about 5cm.

Tablet for entering attendance using QR codes

The only condition for such tablets is that the tablets have a camera on the front side. Even the cheapest tablets with low resolution cameras are ok.

Tablet for entering attendance using manually entered PIN

If you decide not to use QR codes or RFID / NFC chips to enter the attendance, mostly any tablet with a touchscreen can be used to enter attendance PIN manually. To make entering attendance PIN comfortably we recommend at least 7'' screen size and more.