Configuring activities on the Attendance clock

The activities that can be displayed on the Attendance clock are being set up via the web application. The Attendance clock itself and whether the activities are displayed in what size or in what order, is then performed in the settings of a specific terminal.

Configuring activities from the web application

1. You can find all Attendance activities in the User menu (your name at the top left corner) - Attendance - Attendance activities

2. Its detail is displayed at the top of the screen by clicking on the particular activity. You can then choose whether the start or the end of this activity will be displayed to other users, on the card 2 Attendance clock settings. Alternatively, you can name these buttons.
E.g. The beginning of the work activity is named as Arrival and the end as Departure. Save changes.
What about the Pause? Pause does not have to have a special button to end the activity since any other work activity will end it automatically.  E.g. at 10:00 the user clicks Pause and at 10:30 the Arrival button again. The system, therefore, registers a Pause in the time 10:00 - 10:30.

Configuring the activity button on the Attendance clock

1. Click on the Menu on the terminal (3 horizontal bar icon) - Settings

2. In the User interface section you can choose from the offered option the number of activities on the screen or their order.
3. It is also possible to turn off or turn on specific buttons using the slider on the right in the order setting. 

Moreover, it is possible to set displaying of the numeric keypad (for entering the PIN code) or whether the given PIN code should be displayed as you type.