Tablet locking for the Attendance clock only

There are several ways how to set up an Android tablet to use only the selected applications (Attendance clock). You can ensure that users of a tablet with the Attendance clock do not turn on another application or change tablet settings.

“Device owner" function on Adroid 6 and newer

You can set one of the app (which supports it) as the "Device owner", in Android 6 and newer device. This application can then freely change the tablet settings and can, among other things, run in so called "Pinned mode". The application cannot be tunred off in this mode. It cannot be switched to the background, etc. It will not be possible to get out of the application even by restarting if the application is set to run after the device is started (unlike the other methods described) because the application will start again in Pinnded mode after starting the tablet. However, setting up the application as a Device owner is a more complicated procedure that we recommend only for advanced users.

1. Install Attendance Clock GIRITON app on Andorid via the Play Store app.
2. Instal all updates on Android via the Play Store -> Menu -> My Applications -> Update All.
3. Delete all accounts (Android and any other) from Andoid via Settings -> Accounts, where it is necessary to select each account -> Remove account.
4. Set the Attendance Clock as "Device manager" in Android in Settings -> Security -> Device Management Application, where you turn on the switch nex to the "Attendance Clock" app.
5. Turn on and open "Developer Tools on Android and turn on "USB 
6. Download the ADB debug bridge application on your PC and unzip the application to directory. 
7. Connect the Android debug USB cable to the PC. Andoid will ask you to allow communication with you PC. Enable it.
8. Run the command in the Command line "adb shell dpm set-device-owner" from the folder with the inzipped ADB debug bridge in which the adb.exe program is.
9. Open the Play Store on Android and sign in again with your Google Account that you deleted in step 3.

“Screen pin” feature in Android 5 and newer

You can select an app which is allowed to work with by using this feature. You will not be able to switch this application until you enter the PIN. You can find a Manual for commissioning the screen pin HERE and HERE or videomanual HERE

“Limited profiles” feature in Android 4.3 and newer

You can set which applications, functions and content users with limited permissions can use on a tablet. Manual for setting up this feature can be found HERE.

Limiting the usage of a tablet using a special application

There are several applications for Android devices that can use a PIN or a password to set limitations on what the current user can do on the device (change tablet setting, launch selected applications, …). You can also limit the use of a tablet to only selected application (the Attendance clock): Applock and Smart AppLock.