Scanning fingerprints on a PC

The attendance clock application for Android version 6 and higher already has support for external fingerprint readers connected to USB.

But what if you want to use the Attendance clock with a fingerprint reader on a PC with Windows or Linux? This is not a problem with the Giriton Online Attendance. You install an application on the PC that runs in the background, waits for the scanned fingerprint and in case that one appears - passes that fingerprint to the active application (for example to the Attendance clock)

PC requirements:
- Application download link:
       - Windows and Linux:
- Support libraries for operating the fingerprint reader:   
       - Windows:
       - Linux: , you also need to install Java using the command "sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk"

Fingerprint Desktop Client application

The application will request a so-called REST api token after switching on. This is a form of a password used by the Fingerprint Desktop Client to communicate with your company account in Giriton. You can generate a REST api token by clicking on the “+REST api token” button in the Giriton web application in the Paired devices agenda. Name the newly added token appropriately. E.g “Fingerprint Desktop Client on PC Warehouse1”

Make sure that the "Agenda 'Attendance PINs, chips, QR codes' - viewing records", "Agenda 'Attendance PINs, chips, QR codes' - edit records","Agenda ‘Human Resources’ - view records", "Agenda ‘Human resources’ - edit records" is granted for the newly added REST api token in the “2 card permissions”. Click Save Changes.

Click on the "eye" icon in the "1 Basic" card next to the "REST api token" field which will show you the specific characters of the selected token. Then click on the "copy" icon (next to the "eye" icon)  which will be used to copy the token and you can paste it directly into the Fingerprint Desktop Client.

Make sure that “Enter ID” is selected in the “Settings” section of the top menu in the Fingerprint Desktop Client.

The application works in two basic modes which can be switched between while the application is running: 
Identification -  when the fingerprint reader expects placing a finger and when it happens, it writes ID or number of the user whom the fingerprint belongs to on the keypad. If the Clock application is currently in the foreground, the specific person will be recognized. 

Fingerprint registration - when you select the required user from the table of users registered in your company account and upload a new fingerprint.

Locking the Fingerprint application

Consider locking the Fingerprint Desktop client app once you have it installed and set up. You probably want the application to run silently in the background and the average user not be able to open the application and add or delete other users' fingerprints. Only supervisers sould probably be able to do that.

Go to the Menu and turn on "Run minimized", "Exit button minimizes the application", "Automatically refresh connected reader" and "Lock application". The "Lock application" dialog lets you to set up a PIN code for unlocking the application and the tag of people from Human Resources in the web application. Fingerprint Desktop Client can now be unlocked either by entering the PIN code or by placing a fingerprint to the fingerprint reader (only the person who has the selected tag in Human Resources).