Secondary chip reader

Secondary chip reader is hardware that can be ordered in addition to the touch screen Time clock or to the door unlocker DA1. The secondary reader has dimensions 44 x 97 x 17 mm, has an outdoor IP66 design and reads the RFID 125 kHz or NFC 13.56MHz chips depending on the type ordered.

What is the purpose of the secondary reader?

If you use a Time clock with a relay to open the door on one side, you can mount the secondary reader on the wall on the other side of the door. Then you connect the secondary reader to the Time clock. So one Time clock can operate one door from both sides, both outside and inside. The same applies to the door unlocker DA1, to which the secondary reader can also be connected.

You would normally place the secondary reader itself on the outside of the door. We also supply this as an outdoor version. A user attaches a chip to the secondary reader, it sends the information to the Time clock, which, for example, insert Clock-in and unlock the door, or maybe just unlock the door or insert another set activity. The user then goes inside, where he can select and enter another activity on the touch screen Time clock.

Connection of secondary reader:

The secondary reader is connected to a 12V power supply. We supply an adapter to the secondary reader. It is also connected to the Time clock via RS485 double line. This double line between the secondary reader and the Time clock can be tens of meters long. If the RS485 line is longer than 1 meter, add a 110 Ω resistor between the RS485 lines.

  1. On the Time clock, go to Menu - Settings - Multiple readers and door unlocking and enable “Multiple readers mode” option. Then go back to the main screen.
  2. Disconnect the Time clock from the power supply to turn it off.
    1. Time clock should be turned off while connecting cables in case you accidentally connect the wrong wires and the turned-on device could be damaged.
  3. Connect the secondary reader cables as shown below.
    1. Red cable to “12V” of a supplied adapter.
    2. Black cable to GND of a supplied adapter.
    3. Purple cable to RS485-A
    4. Yellow cable to RS485-B

  4. Plug-in power supply to the Time clock and Secondary reader.
    1. In a moment it should turn on and the secondary chip reader beeps and lights up.
  5. Beep a chip on the secondary reader that is already assigned to someone.
    1. The user’s name should appear on the Time clock.

Configure the secondary chip reader

On the Time clock, you can set what should happen when you beep on the secondary reader. For example, always enter Clock-in only, regardless of what is selected on display. 

  • You set this on the Time clock in Menu - Settings - Multiple readers and door unlocking, whereby at the bottom of the “BuiltIn-RS485-card-reader” section you can adjust the “Activity” items to “Work” and “Start/End” to the play icon. In this setting, Clock-in is always inserted when beeped on the secondary reader.
  • Alternatively, you can activate the “Unlock doors using” and choose “GPIO”. With this setting, the Time clock will unclock the door with a relay after a beep on the outdoor reader or it will insert a preset activity.