Temperature measurement on Time clock

Time clock with Android system can be connected to a wall-mounted body temperature thermometer to measure individual body temperatures while Clocking-in. You can set a temperature limit that will be considered high, as well as you can limit the list of people for whom temperature measurement will be required while Clocking-in.

Connection of body temperature thermometer procedure

1. Give a tag to users to whom you want to measure temperature while clocking-in in the web application in the Human Resources agenda. For example, “measuredTemperature”.
2. Connect the thermometer to the Time clock via a USB cable. The device will ask you if you want to allow the Attendance clock application to access the USB device. Enable it and check “Do not ask next time” / ”Remember”.
3. On the Time clock, turn on the option “Measure temperature while entering attendance records” in Menu -> Settings -> Body temperature measurement. Adjust “Test only users with tag” and other options, if necessary.
4. Try to Clock-in for any user whose temperature should be measured. You will be prompted to measure temperature on the thermometer. The user has a few seconds to place his forehead to the thermometer.

Personal data protection

The measured temperature is not stored and further processed in the system in accordance with GDPR. More information about measuring body temperature at the workplace can be found on the UOOU website here: https://www.uoou.cz/en/