Contactless Biometry

The contactless biometric clocks offer a connection via  WiFiLAN or SIM card and send the entered attendance immediately. They recognize users by a facial scanpalm, fingerprint, chips or numeric PIN. The clock offer a connection to el. door lock so they unlock the door when the user is recognized.

Internet connection

WiFi and LAN connection:

  • In Menu - Settings - Network select LAN or WiFi and set Yes.

SIM card connection:

  • It is necessary to set the correct APN address (Menu - Settings - Network - Mobile net - Modify APNs) which is specific for the given operator.
  • A cloud icon will appear on the top right of the home screen as soon as the clock is properly connected to the internet and to the GIRITON server. 

Settings of attendance activities

You can set a list of attendance activities that will be available for entering and it will be possible to choose between them. The clock can also pre-select a given activity at a specific time,  e.g. from 07:00 to 10:50 arrival be selected, from 10:50 - 11:50 lunch, etc.

Settings of available attendance activities:

1. Go to Menu - Settings - Device - ATND status.
2. Here, for the individual items “Custom In1”, “Custom Out1”, etc., set custom labels, for example, “Arrival”, “Departure”, etc.,
3. Go to the Paired devices agenda in the web application - in the list select the appropriate device - switch to the card 2 Settings.
4. Set the correct activity for each row in the Attendance Activity table. E.g. if the custom In 1 activity is renamed to “Arrival”, in GIRITON have the Work activity set to Start on the first line.

Settings of pre-select activities at a specific time:

1. Go to Menu - Settings - Device - ATND status.
2. Here, for the individual items “Custom In1”, “Custom Out1”, etc., set the time, by clicking into 00:00, in which the activities are to be pre-selected.

E.g. you would set the Arrival button at 06:10 in case of people most often arrive around 7:00. You would set 10:50 for the Lunch Start in case people usually leave for lunch just before 11:00. You would then set 11:20 for the END of Lunch activity and 13:50 for the Departure button

If the users want to enter an activity other than the preselected one, they will simply use the up and down arrows on the clock to select the correct activity. The Up arrow is used to switch between Custom In activities and the Down arrow to switch between Custom Out activities.

Creating a new user

It is necessary to first create a new person in the web application in the  Human Resources agenda. The generated INJES ID field will be displayed in the Human Resources agenda in the 5 Attendance tab as soon as the person is stored in GIRITON. This field displays the nine-digit number of the user under which the given user will be registered on the contactless clock.

Scanning a chip, fingerprint, palm, face for an existing user

The procedure is different for users for who a chip, numeric PIN, fingerprint, palm or facial scan have not yet been assigned and different for users who at least one of these variants has already been assigned for.

A chip, PIN, fingerprint, palm or facial scan is not assigned to a user:

1. Go to Menu - Users - Enroll on the Attendance clock
2. Fill in the INJES ID of the user from the GIRITON web application in the ID field. See the point above. Leave the “Name” field blank.
3. Select what you want to enroll to the user (Face = face, Finger = fingerprint, PP = palm scan, Card = chip).
4. Follow the instructions of the Attendance clock. Use the ESC key to return to the home screen when done. Then the data is transferred to the server.

The user already has assigned at least one chip, PIN, fingerprint, palm or face scan:

1. Go to Menu on the Attendance clock - Users - Modify. A list of users who have at least one of the identification options assigned to them is displayed.
2. Select the user using the up and down arrows. The users will be filtered out gradually if you start typing the first numbers from the user’s INJES ID code on the keyboard so picking the right user will be much faster.
3. To select the correct user use the arrow keys and the OK key.. Then select what you would like to enroll (Face = face, Finger = fingerprint, PP = palm scan, Card = chip).
4. Follow the Attendance clock instructions and after a successful enroll use the ESC key to return to the home screen which will send the changes to the server.

Additional information 

It should not be a problem if the Attendance clock has been disconnected from the internet for several hours or even days because the entered attendance is saved and sent later. Attendance should be sent automatically within about 2 minutes as soon as internet access is restored.

Deleting users from the device is performed exclusively from the GIRITON web application. The user will be re-uploaded to the device during the next synchronization if you try to delete a user directly from the Menu on the device. 

It is possible to set that only users of the given department or users with a given tag are enrolled to the Attendance clock in the GIRITON web application. This can ensure, especially for large organizations that the attendance clock which are to unlock the door only to a sub-department, will unlock only the users of that sub-department and not everyone in the company.

Restricting access to the Time clock settings to authorized users only:

Once you set up the Time clock and register your users to them, you may want to lock the Time clock so that unauthorized users cannot enter their Menu and cannot, for example, change the Time clock settings. To set that only selected users are able to enter the Time clock Menu, set the  $terminal.admin tag (including the dollar sign at the beginning) to these users in the Web application in Human Resources agenda.

Attention! It is very desirable that the user you want to make an admin has more than one way of identification set up (e.g. at least PIN and Fingerprint, Chip and Palm, …). We strongly recommend you to use all the identification methods offered by the Time clock (PIN, Chip, Finger, Palm, Face) for such a user. The reason is that if Admin has stored only a fingerprint and that user damages his fingerprint (e.g. abraded finger), it will not be possible to access the Time clock Menu.

Attention! We recommend that one of the ways of identification of a user with the Admin role is a PIN code, even if you do not use PIN codes by default. This is because if there is no user with the Admin role around the Time clock and you will necessarily need to get to the Time clock Menu, it is enough for the users with the Admin role to tell you their INJES ID and PIN or you can read this information in GIRITON Web application in Human resources agenda. If a user with the Admin role has only fingerprints, palms, faces stored in the Time clock, then you will not be able to enter the Time clock Menu without the physical presence of this user and it will be necessary to reset the Time clock.

Please note that each attendance clock device of this type can have a maximum of 5 admin users. If you assign a given tag to more users in Human Resources, only the first five of them (alphabetically) will be uploaded to each device as an admin, the others will be uploaded as regular users.