Home screen

Every user who has a valid  Web application account in the Human resources agenda sees own Home screen after successful login. It is possible to place so-called widgets or panels. The selection, settings and location of widgets Can be customized by each user. To add a new widget to your home screen, click "+" button at the top right of the home screen, To move a widget, click the "lock" icon and drag and drop the widget and remove with the "x" button also in the widget header.

Commonly used agendas are available in the  agenda panel in the left column, where you can also easily switch between them. Advanced agendas are then opened from the User Menu which appears after clicking on your name in the top right corner.

Widgets on the home screen

Attendance clock

The widget is used to enter the attendance of the current user. There is no need to use a tablet with the Attendance clock application or a phone with My Attendance, the attendance may also be entered directly from the web application.

This widget does not allow user to adjust attendance retrospectively or otherwise edit the time of attendance events. You can also enter information about the project the user is currently working on.

This widget allows you to also record the current  GPS position which can be enabled in the widget's settings. If this feature is also enabled in the browser, the current GPS location will be saved for each attendance record. The current position is acquired from the GPS sensor of the device and, if not present, from the user’s IP address (in this case the location is determined with an accuracy of individual cities).

Working time

This widget shows how much time a current user worked today. It also shows the current vacation balance and the status of overtime. It also shows possible attendance errors that need to be corrected.

Current attendance

The widget reflects the current attendance status of other users. For each user, It displays which activity is currently in progress (Work, Break), which shift is planned for today (if shift planning is used) and also which project the particular users are working on (if projects are used).

To add this widget to the Home screen, the current user must have granted a permission  View All Attendance. See Permission settings.

Attendance errors

If users have an error in their attendance, e.g. they forgot to clock out when they left, a red exclamation mark will be displayed for this day indicating that there is an error in attendance. users with necessary permissions (e.g. administrators or managers) can monitor these errors directly via this widget and display the user’s attendance by clicking on a specific record.  To add this widget to the Home screen, It is necessary to have  View All Attendance permission granted.

Shift plan

The current user will see own shift plan for the current month. Particular shifts are distinguished by a color for better overview. The amount of time scheduled for each shift and also the total amount of work scheduled for the selected month is shown in the table on the right side.

Attendance overview

This widget displays the current attendance status of other users. The progress of attendance is displayed in the same way as it is in the agenda Attendance.

Displayed users can be filtered by departments. That enables you to get a perfect overview of a current attendance of every department.

To add this widget to the Home screen, It is necessary to have View All Attendance permission granted.

Requests to be approved

Requests for changes in attendance can be approved quickly and conveniently from the Requests to be Approved widget. This widget is available for users with permissions View attendance requests and Approve attendance requests. It displays the request waiting to be approved, including all the necessary information.

Widget settings 

You can set individual widgets via the sprocket icon on each of them. Most configuration options are hidden in the Attendance clock widget. Mostly is set here whether, for example, projects that the user wants to enter for a specific activity are displayed or the order of displayed activities can be changed on this widget.